A vulnerable girl goes to extremes for love.

Abby is only in high school, but she feels responsible for holding her family together. Her father works two jobs and is rarely home. Her mom, angry about their financial woes, escapes to nightclubs with her girlfriends. When Abby meets Sean, an attractive, sensitive guy who lets her confide in him, it’s not surprising that she falls in love fast — and hard. Sure, he’s a little older, but Abby still wants a real relationship. But Abby’s first time is not at all what she imagined.

Annick Press, February 2011

“The story succeeds as a meditation on the blurred line between the security of a shelter – be it a house, a family, or a lover — and the confinement of a trap.”–The Deakin Review of Children’s Literature

Shelter, with its clear emotional markers and cautionary structure and intent, is … a solid offering in the series.” –Quill & Quire